| 3 December 2023, Sunday |

What can Lebanon anticipate from the Arab summit?

The Lebanese are counting on the Arab summit, which will be held on the 19th in Riyadh. Since the announcement of the summit, newspapers have been crowded and filled with analyses and speculations, and some have gone too far as if the Arab countries had no work but to care about Lebanon and think about the Lebanese officials who were struck by laziness and whose consciences slept in the midst of the imminent crises.

An Arab diplomatic source confirms to Sawt Beirut International that there is great importance to the upcoming Arab summit. All conclusions issued from the summit will serve as a road map for the next stage in the East and will set priorities in the region and determine the fate of some outstanding crises in our Arab countries, especially the war in Syria, Yemen, and of course there are other files specific to each country.

The diplomatic source indicates that we have entered the stage of the Saudi-Iranian agreement, and there is a big bet on the success of the spending and Iran’s commitment to the policy of calm, in addition to Syria’s return to the Arab League, and it must prove the extent of its commitment to the terms of return and reduce tension in the region, especially on the issue of Hezbollah and the Captagon gangs, and the return of the refugees.

Regarding the outstanding files in Lebanon, including the presidential file, the diplomatic source says, “The Arab countries are always by Lebanon and its people’s side, and they always help through their guiding role. However, Arab countries cannot replace the Lebanese state, nor can they play the role of Lebanese politicians who must prioritize Lebanon’s interest above all else and expedite the election of a president, because the next stage is sensitive and Lebanon is in danger, unless those concerned speed up the situation and elect a president.

“The Arab countries, especially the Gulf states, have defined the characteristics of the future president, and the Lebanese representatives must choose a president who matches those specifications,” the sources added. “Gulf countries will lend a helping hand to Lebanon, but if a president is elected who will deepen the crises and encourage causes that led Lebanon to collapse, there will be no aid for Lebanon,” sources confirm.

However, this is unlikely because everyone in Lebanon is aware of the risks and the bet today is great on awakening consciences, and we hope that Lebanon will be able to pass the difficult stage and work properly to save itself.

  • Sawt Beirut International