| 6 December 2023, Wednesday |

Who will end the war in the absence of diplomatic efforts?

Since October 7, the war in Gaza has been ongoing. Violent bombardment with all available methods and weaponry accessible to Israel, with little regard for deterrence. While the people of Gaza suffer from slaughter, relocation, and a lack of the most basic essentials of life, only the language of bombs and missiles is heard. No water, power, or medical supplies. The neighborhoods have been decimated, and the surviving structures are still standing, but for how much longer?

There are no diplomatic attempts being taken to stop the killing machine that is killing Palestinians in the midst of this conflict, for which children, women, and unarmed innocents are paying the price. According to political commentators, diplomatic attempts are very hesitant, and the war will continue in this manner.

Sources confirm to Sawt Beirut International, that what we see in terms of visits by American delegations and others are not efforts to end the war, but rather to stand by Israel, and that despite calls to end the war, Israel is still fighting and intensifying its bombing of Gaza. The international community must act more effectively and make the necessary steps to avert escalation and bring the conflict to an end as soon as possible.

According to analysts, the war on Gaza began to take another turn. US sent aircraft and ammunition carriers, Britain did in turn, and France followed suit. All of this will not stop the war, but rather prolong it. The Palestinian Authority is completely incapable of playing the diplomatic role, and Arab solutions have not produced results. There is no need to stop the war or find a specific formula to alleviate the injustice against the Palestinians. The situation is difficult, and at the present time it does not seem that diplomatic efforts aim to stop the war.

On the other side, Iran continues to deny and evade, complicating problems and exacerbating Palestinian misery. The excursions performed by the Iranian Foreign Minister are only a reaction to American diplomats’ visits to Israel. We witness Iranian threats to launch new fronts and resonating remarks that are detrimental to Palestinians and the continuing conflict. There, things are considerably more problematic, because care is essential now, especially with regard to Lebanon. That country, which is reeling from grave problems, cannot accept conflict and lacks the bare necessities to survive if war breaks out. As a result, logical terminology must be employed, and Lebanon must be free of disagreements.

  • Sawt Beirut International