| 27 September 2021, Monday |

Allies will form the government, but what allies?

President Michel Aoun has succeeded in imposing his equation in Lebanon despite all sufferings, country’s collapse, and the devastated political, economic and even social situation.

President Aoun said previously: Either Gebran Bassil and Saad Hariri are together in the government or both outside the government. Therefore, the equation has been fixed, and those who brought Aoun to the presidency were involved in a catastrophic settlement that made Lebanon subordinated to Iran, and they didn’t get from Aoun except political rivalry and petulance while the country pays the cost.

The question that arises in this context: Did everyone succumb to the conditions of the ‘strong president’ or ‘strong covenant’, as Aounists like to call it? The answer is simple: everyone has succumbed to Hezbollah and Iran’s conditions. Therefore Najib Mikati’s government will be an Iranian government in identity. It might also be President Ibrahim Raisi’s gift to the Western countries and US.

Accordingly, the corruption that characterizes Mikati because he was the regime’s son and one of its prominent pillars qualifies him to handle this task.  Even if the government saw the light and was passed in Parliament, this is a foregone conclusion, because Hezbollah’s nomination to Mikati is the password to facilitate government formation.

When the terrorist group Hezbollah, nominates a Prime Minister, then it is logical that this person will not achieve any positive results neither in politics nor in economy, but he will rather be besieged internationally. Terrorism is the partner of the former Prime Ministers and the political system in Lebanon, and the acceptance of Hezbollah’s destruction to the country has become a sweet talk with which Hariri himself flirts with the party in every television appearance.

It is more viable for the political system to bear its responsibility and stop fabricating fake narratives and interpretations for every diplomatic movement to flee the responsibility of making an independent, sovereign, and national decision.

King Salman bin Abdulaziz before the United Nations on October 23, 2020 said: Beirut Port blast is the result of Hezbollah’s domination for decision-making in Lebanon by force of arms. He added that Hezbollah’s disarmament will provide the country security, prosperity, and stability.

Whoever asks about the Kingdom’s stance regarding the new government should wait for the performance of the Lebanese government with what was stated by Saudi’s King. The same applies to most Arab countries’ stance that deal with a government formed by Hezbollah.