| 15 April 2024, Monday |

“Arab News”… 46 years of success ..and continuing.

46 years of success, “Arab News” made it through its pioneering career, after it recorded a milestone in its inception as the first English-speaking newspaper in the region.

Many pioneers have contributed to the newspaper’s success. Besides the contributions of those who held its editor-in-chief, the last of which is the journalist Faisal Abbas (who is considered one of the most prominent Saudi journalists experienced in international media field, and who has a successful experience in relaunching media brands and expanding operations and editorial coverage) … there are its cadres. Those who have the skills and potential to develop in addition to the entrepreneurial spirit that characterized them, which enabled the newspaper to achieve great successes  that made it a well-known newspaper in the Gulf and around the world.

Since its inception, Arab News has aimed to strengthen its position parallel to regional and international newspapers, and it has certainly succeeded in that, and most importantly, it has succeeded in being the most acceptable and trusted media outlet in the Middle East, due to the balance of its editorial policy, the objectivity of its reports, analyses  and strong opinions, in addition to being The main source for news and information, in addition to its coverage of major events, as well as its interest in local issues and the development of society and the economy.

“Arab News” managed to become the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s window to the world, and it is one of the most read English newspapers in the Middle East region, especially with its development in electronic aspects, and access to its readers through the Internet in various forms. Where bit was capable of adapting to Changing media patterns, and facing challenges of lifestyles and the demand for modern media

The confidence of Arab News readers in it prompted them to call it the “Green Truth,” and the hope that it would remain prosperous and celebrate  every year its successes.