| 5 March 2024, Tuesday |

“Army, People, Resistance” trilogy… In Ukraine

Ukraine began to give the world lessons in resistance:

It made the Russian army loose the element of surprise, and absorbed the first shock, and it is well known that the Russian army is the second most powerful army in the world, after the army of the United States of America.

It won the sympathy of the world through most countries’ condemnation of the Russian invasion, and the sympathy did not come from the regimes but from the people.

It forcwed the regimes follow the public opinion, and not the other way around, so the decisions of the states came under the pressure of public opinion.

It proved to be a cohesive state: no defections in the army, no rebellion, no desertion, but rather integration in the confrontation between the army and the people, which constituted a real resistance to the most powerful army in the world in terms of brutality, and deviation from all military principles in terms of neutralizing civilians and health centers.

The scene of volunteering in the Ukrainian army gave a lesson to the world, that the army is the basis, and that the “resisting people” join the army and volunteer in it, not to be an exceptional case parallel to the army.

One of the most prominent lessons learned, is that the Ukrainians, president, officials and people, knew how to deal with the media in a way, that depicted the situation as it was without exaggeration, alteration or distortion.

Another lesson, it is not true that a superpower can crush a small and poor country, even though Russia paved the way for war, by supporting the secession of two regions from Ukraine, and by using the lands of Belarus to besiege Ukraine.

One of the lessons learned is that the steadfastness of the people changes the equations. The war on Ukraine may have begun according to international “understandings” or “deals,” but the steadfastness of the Ukrainian people, and their standing behind their political leadership and army, made the task difficult for the Russian army, and prompted the United Nations to act, even after a week.

The scene of removing street nameplates and numbers in order to mislead the Russian army, makes the Ukrainian people, the admiration of the world, because they play an integral role with the army, in terms of impeding or misleading the Russian army from progress.

Perhaps the most prominent lessons learned are, the world after February 24, 2022, the date of the outbreak of Russia’s war on Ukraine, is different than it was before February 24, 2022. Wars based on illusions are no longer permissible, but rather unjust.

  • Sawt Beirut International