| 23 May 2024, Thursday |

Gebran Bassil and “Confessions” speech

As if we are reading in the book “Confessions” by the famous French writer “Jean-Jacques Rousseau”.

Although, he usually makes to political confessions, still, the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Gebran Bassil, and in front of five thousand and five hundred of the movement’s audience, and the number is taken from the capacity of the internal hall in “Biel” and the outer courtyard, delivered a speech of “confessions.”

The first and most prominent confession: “We have contributed to preventing the infiltration of the Shiites, and they have contributed to preventing our electoral siege.”

What is dangerous in this recognition, is that the Free Patriotic Movement contributed with Hezbollah to obstructing the arrival of Shiite change candidates, in return for that Hezbollah gave preferential votes to candidates from the movement, so that they would not fall. This was evident in the district of Baabda, and in Baalbek-Hermel, in the western Bekaa district, and in other districts, and this confirms what a former minister said, that Hezbollah gave four deputies to the movement and that Talal Arslan and Wiam Wahhab gave it three deputies.
The second acknowledgment is that he “accredits” to the Constitutional Council and “ has an influence on its decisions” and interferes publicly in its work, even before the Constitutional Council begins receiving appeals, and he declares with explicitly : “With the appeals, we expect that we will be above the 23 deputies (here Basil combines the Movement and the bloc),” And in another place he says about the appeals: “The Tayyar’s deputies today hare 17, and they will increase theough the appeals.”

How does Bassil know that the current MPs “will increase through the appeals”? Isn’t this recognition deserves to be informed as an attempt to impose decisions on the Constitutional Council?

The third and most dangerous constitutional recognition is Bassil’s suggestion that President Michel Aoun will remain in the presidency until after his term ends, by saying: “There is an intention not to form a government and to bypass the constitution as the current government is a government with full powers… Beware, this drops the constitution and makes all constitutional institutions effective, without time limits.”

This recognition means that the president, according to Bassil, will remain in the presidency if a new government is not formed before October 31, the date the term ends, and according to Bassil also, the caretaker government does not fill the void. Here, Bassil contradicts what President Aoun previously announced that he will leave Baabda Palace even under a caretaker government. Is there a division of roles between the president and the son-in-law?

The fourth admission is that Basil started the assignment consultations prematurely, so he determined who he wanted and who he refused.

The Fifth Confession: “We made a mistake by choosing some of those whom we assigned responsibilities within the movement and within the state, and we made a mistake with the excessive hopes that we had placed in some positions and some with whom we reached an understanding.”

There is a sixth confession, but it was not mentioned in the 3,200-word speech, which is that Bassil applies to the fifth confession, the aforementioned, but it is a confession by many MPs of the movement in terms of “excess hopes they placed in the head of the movement.”

  • Sawt Beirut International