| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

October 17th Representatives face their first test.

October 17th Representatives, will be facing a big test on Tuesday, through monitoring their performance in the first session of the House of Representatives 2022.
Let’s be direct, who will the representatives of the revolution elect as Speaker of the Assembly? Who will they elect for the vice presidency? As it is not possible for them to name a Shiite representative from outside the Hezbollah and Amal Duo, because there is no Shiite representative from outside this pair, then they are required to nominate an orthodox for the vice presidency. And if they fail to do so, they will be making a mistake, and rendering a service to those who did not want them to continue their progress in the legal and constitutional paths.
It will not be right for them to say “We do not run with the system.” This was true before the parliamentary elections, but after the elections, they are all in the parliamentary symposium, and they have to fight the system from within. They are supposed to submit nominations to the Vice Presidency, to the Council’s Bureau, to the heads, rapporteurs, and members of the parliamentary committees. Unless they do that, they will be escaping or evading responsibility and fighting the system from within, and let them remember, that if they do not nominate anyone, their winning of thirteen seats will not be easy to “liquidate” in parliament and government, because they will turn into a marginalized and crushed parliamentary bloc that will not be able to do anything, knowing that if they run, they will cause the members of the system a headache, as their interaction will say to public opinion: “We Here… Just as you bet on us in the elections, and your bet has succeeded, you must bet on us in the internal elections for the parliament to form a “legislative kitchen.”

The scene of President Nabih Berri and Representative Elias Bou Saab, as they are both president and vice president, is a sign of frustration for the revolution that should not pass so easily and simply. And if the two men are not “exhausted” through nominations and the number of votes, then the beginning of the revolution’s representatives will be a faltering start. It is still possible to enter the Nejmeh Square by nominating a vice president and giving him the votes that can be given, and if he does not succeed, the revolution will at least have registered a stance and sent a message: From now on, nothing will be passed easily.

  • Sawt Beirut International