| 22 February 2024, Thursday |

Bayyada Ain AL-Tine negotiations, tumbled!

As soon as the  “Bayada talks” stumbled, ( Bayyada is where the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Gibran Bassil’s residency is)  between the aforementioned and the two Khalils, MP Ali Hassan Khalil of  Amal movement, and Hajj Hussein Khalil of Hezbollah, Basil’s circles rushed to hold Berri’s political assistant ,Ali Hassan Khalil the responsibility, in an attempt to suggest that Bassil is at good terms with Hezbollah’s political assistant, and that he only has problems with Amal movement.

But is that true?

Circles familiar with the the three parties’ (Tayyar, Hezbollah, and Amal) stances told “Sawt Beirut International” that Berri’s mediation has failed, and the prove is the mutual media attacks via TV channels and tweets. Bassil criticizes the Speaker of the Parliament’s role, and the NBN (Amal movement’s spokes station) responds with a severe attack that did not spare even the President of Republic himself

The first outcome of these skirmishes is failure of President Berri’s initiative, as it is unreasonable to be “the opponent and the referee” at the same time.

Berri’s mediation was authorized by Hezbollah who resorted to (ask a friend for help) method, to facilitate the forming, (the friend here is Berri), but as Bassil was no longer a friend, thus, negotiations stopped, for the Tayyar and Hezbollah cannot negotiate, because they are on the same side.

Therefore, now and by the fall of the last side that can mediate, and after destroying Patriarch Rai’s initiative, all links between Bayyada and Ain EL-Tine are cut, the same between Bassil and Ali Hasan Khalil, and of course Berri will not take Bassil’s side.

What do all these obstacles mean?

It means that government formation returned to square one, which basically did not leave it for long.

It also means that there is no new government in the foreseeable future.

As Trust no longer exists between the components of the new government, if it is formed.

It does not exist between the president-designate and the president of Free Patriotic Movement.

Nor does it exist between Speaker Berri and the head of Free Patriotic Movement.

Nor does it exist between Walid Jumblatt and the head of Free Patriotic Movement.

Nor does it exist between the head of Marada movement and leader of Free Patriotic Movement.

And all those who are at odds with Bassil are at odds with the President of the Republic.

And so, if a government is to be born, it will be born within fortresses of sandbags surrounding its ministers.