| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

Bright tomorrow for Lebanon, decent life for citizens

Lebanese who are looking for an effective solution to the crisis should strive to achieve a brighter future for their country and a decent life for its citizens, because Lebanon and Lebanese deserve the best, and firm efforts should be put in place to achieve this goal.

At the forefront scene we can see the corrupted ruling class that considers Lebanon in a state of prosperity, citizens living their most brilliant days, and that the danger of collapse is only a myth.

Political leaders and officials decided to enjoy their holiday and halt any talks that would lead to government formation. The Prime Minister-designate traveled to Abu Dhabi, while other officials are in a deep slumber.

It seems that the US sanctions on Lebanese nationals is a constant strategy of President Joe Biden’s administration. US has blacklisted lately seven Lebanese nationals tied to Hezbollah, in order to tighten the financing process for the militia, which intervenes in other countries’ affairs.

Whoever the armed organization that strike the missiles at Israel, the aim behind it is implicating Lebanon into a new danger, and the state solely is responsible for protecting the country.

The state’s mission is to ensure the execution of Resolution 1701 and to involve Lebanon in blood and destruction. There is something suspicious, and an immediate international protection is required for Lebanon.

The Islamic Revolution in Iran from Khomeini to Khamenei, as well as the slogan of liberating Jerusalem and destroying Israel was transformed in occupying some Arab countries through creating militias that brought poverty and economic collapse. That is what Hezbollah did in Lebanon.

As for what is dubbed Faylaq Al-Qud, this a foul joke that tells the story of militias, led by a group which is protecting Israel rather than fighting with it.

How do you expect from Hassan Nasrallah, who already signed a peace agreement with Israel to demarcate the maritime borders, to fire a rocket towards Israel or to allow firing it from any other party in Lebanon?

Hezbollah have immediately denied the operation, and arrested those involved in launching the three rockets. This was expected, but the dangerous part in this matter is Hezbollah’s keenness to keep weapons in the country without any control.

To bring back Lebanon to the Lebanese, all photos for Iranian figures should be removed from the Airport road, as well as Hafez Al-assad name from one of the highways. Imagine that France would name one of its streets ‘Hitler’!.

It is noteworthy that a country whose people are gathered around for their interest, no power in the world can be able to distribute them. Lebanon today needs various efforts to make a miracle.

  • Sawt Beirut International