| 28 February 2024, Wednesday |

Hezbollah and Amal.. and an abolition war against Shiites

What does it mean when a Shiite who is not affiliated with Hezbollah or Amal movement, isunder intimidation? Is it permissible that he will be deprived of his civil rights in exercising his political rights? Who protects the Shiite citizen in the face of the “abolition war” waged against him by Hezbollah-Amal duo?

From Sarafand to Baalbek, the worst forms of repression are exercised against every Shiite who does not owe allegiance to the two. In Sarafand, Amal movement prevented one of the electoral lists from holding a celebration, and what is strange and disgusting is that the movement’s leadership issues a statement denouncing what happened, as if those who perpetrated the oppression had descended from another planet, even though they were well known!

And what Amal movement did in the south, was done by Hezbollah in Baalbek. While one a list’s leaders, who is from the Shiite sect, was on an electoral tour in a village, gunfire was fired near the meeting place, causing panic in the ranks of the gathering, and it was preceded with intimidation forcing candidates from the Shiite sect to withdraw from the lists in which they ran.
What does this intimidation mean?

This means that the Hezbollah-Amal duo, want to monopolize the twenty-seven Shiite seats, not through the ballot boxes, but through fear, threats and intimidation, and indifference for law or regulations.

Therefoe, from now on, the Shiite representatives in the 2022 Parliament, are the fourteen whom the Amal movement named, and the thirteen whom Hezbollah named, because the other candidates were either threatened with the intention of withdrawing, or were intimidated.

And the worst of all is that no one in the executive authority denounced what happened, so more than one cabinet session took place after these events, and no stance was issued about what happened and is happening, and there was recognition that it is permissible and available to the duo to do what he wants to do, free from any regulations!

This means that the parliamentary elections are marred by defects, even before they start, and these defects are not at the disposal of the government and the Minister of the Interior, because they are either helpless or complicit, but rather at the disposal of international bodies that must realize that democracy in Lebanon is fake, and that more than one Lebanese party exercising repression and dictatorship under the guise of democracy.

  • Sawt Beirut International