| 3 February 2023, Friday |

“Qordahi” pushes Jumblatt to disgrace “Hezbollah”!

The head of the Progressive Socialist Party, Walid Jumblatt’s varied stances, are something, the Lebanese, and indeed the world, are accustomed to. Stances that varies with the wind according to his interests, and yesterday, he did not change his habit. After he aimed his arrows a short time ago at Arab countries he did not name, and accused them of conspiring against Lebanon, he hastened to correct and said it was a lapse. Yesterday he went on by trying to show his support to the Arab countries, by aiming his arrows at his, in secret and in public ally, “Hezbollah.” He said during a television interview that the immediate exit of the Lebanese crisis “is through the dismissal of Georges Qordahi, and then an apology from the Gulf, and not the other way around, as some in the axis of opposition want, I have been patient so much with Hezbollah.” Jumblatt also considered that “Hezbollah damaged the Gulf Lebanese livelihood.”
Neither the Lebanese nor the Arabs have forgotten what Jumblatt said, after his meeting with Parliament Speaker, Nabih Berri, as he said: “Some international, and perhaps Arab parties, want to escalate in Lebanon,” after the armed confrontations between the Shiite duo and the youth of Ain al-Remmaneh, before he retreated during a press conference he held after his meeting with Prime Minister Najib Mikati on Tuesday, by saying “I made a gag in a press statement about accusing some Arab countries of contributing to the plot. It seems that it was not by Arab countries.”
Jumblatt, who is trying to show himself that he is an enemy of “Hezbollah” is in fact one of its most important allies. He is the one who tried to distance the accusations from the party, in the case of martyr Prime Minister Rafik Hariri’s murder. At the time, he asked in a press interview, “Why do we only focus on the fact that Hezbollah is involved? The party presented a number of convincing hypotheses about the possibility of Israel’s involvement, so why not consider this issue?” He also held several meetings with Hassan Nasrallah, after which he expressed his happiness at the rapprochement between them.
The deal that brought General Michel Aoun as President of the Republic, was a clear evidance of Jumblatt’s rapprochement with the party. He also contributed in the approval of an electoral law that granted “Hezbollah” 74 deputies in the Parliament, and after all the collapse that Lebanon reached, it turned against the covenant, saying, “There is no hope in the era of who surrounds himself with the walls of revenge against Taif, revenge on March 14, and hatred to the court.” Yesterday, he asked, “Where is President Michel Aoun’s stance regarding the diplomatic crisis? I do not agree with the theory that Lebanon was handed over to Hezbollah.”
Moreover, when the revolution broke out in Lebanon, Jumblatt claimed that he was one of its supporters, but when he sensed its danger, he fought it, by sending young men to strike the revolutionaries and destroy their tents.
Because of Jumblatt’s alliance with “Hezbollah” and his silence, like other politicians, about what Hassan Nasrallah is committing, Lebanon has reached this level of collapse on various levels, and the crises and boycotts with its Arab brothers, hence, Jumblatt’ stance, is not only late, but also insincere. Likewise, he and those in power, are within one system against this country and its interests. Rather, Jumblatt’s stances are subject to change at every moment, as he focuses on his interests, while principles are absent from his dictionary.