| 28 May 2024, Tuesday |

Reforms in Lebanon begin with holding Hezbollah Militia accountable

Accountability in any country is implemented for a better future in the event that it relies on accurate and meaningful facts. Holding Lebanon’s Hezbollah militia accountable is the first and only option to save the country, and Lebanon has crumbled as a result of the governing establishment’s settlements and corruption, which sold the country to Iran. Its main partner and political party is based in Lebanon, and the country’s restoration begins with holding Hezbollah Militia and all those who serve for it in Lebanon accountable.

The collapse of the Lebanese Pound will accelerate, hunger will intensify, there will be a shortage of essential commodities and medications, and Lebanon will be thrust into the unknown, with all evidence pointing to it surviving its crisis being terrible and terrifying. The Bank of Lebanon will be required to create Lebanese currency notes in the amounts of 500,000 LBP and 1,000,000 lbp at some time. The price of the dollar, on the other hand, will remain under the control of the stubborn ruling team, fighting for its own best interests to guarantee its heirs to the Presidency. Unfortunately, the result of such a selfishness is that Lebanon will be witnessing a challenging month.

The present months are a new chapter of complete support and coverage for Hezbollah’s economic terrorism. There is no accountability for smuggling, prohibited drug trafficking, or drug export. In Lebanon, corruption is not limited to Ministers, Presidents, and Officials, but also includes employees at Official Departments.

Furthermore, the most crucial element in combating corruption is not to put anyone in prison; rather, what is required now is the implementation of anti-corruption laws so that the administration can get back on track without difficulty, as well as the transition from the Hezbollah Republic to the restoration of the Lebanese Republic.

In Lebanon today, there is a project led by the Hezbollah militia to resist the Iranian occupation of the country. Because the group is not a Lebanese faction but rather a branch of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, any Lebanese has the legal authority to fight Hezbollah and put an end to it. Lebanon has been hammered, and the Foreign Ministry is putting pressure on the Security Council to enforce a resolution disarming Hezbollah. The present Law is designated as “The Strategic Lebanon Security Reporting Act.”

It is a regulation that tries to build a strategy to assist Lebanon in implementing the famous Resolution No. 1701, and when the Syrian occupation was in Lebanon, some of those who wanted its departure were seen to be insane and that the only answer was external.

Foreign individuals, on the other hand, are seeking a meeting with those who disagree, as happened in 2005 following the work of the late Patriarch Sfeir, and as is happening now with Hezbollah’s weaponry in the hands of Cardinal Rahi.

  • Sawt Beirut International