| 24 February 2024, Saturday |

The President’s son-in-law stands up for the rights of Christians… and then acts otherwise

It is ridiculous how the son-in-law of the President acts in his interviews, how he sits on his chair during his speech, and acts on behalf of his uncle the President of the Republic of Lebanon.

It is even more ridiculous how the son-in-law speaks about transparency and ways for recovering stolen funds and facing the corruption, as if he was not recently subject to sanctions.

Hold on, dear son-in-law, you are much smarter than managing suspicious deals under your name. Every deal you have made had its own representative, but acting on your behalf.

Don’t chatter and act like standing up for the rights of Christians, while not a single political Christian party is your ally. Do not call for their rights while you have sold the Christians and Lebanon in exchange for 30 silver coins through “Mar Mikhael Agreement”, in addition to granting authorization to illegal weapon, violating the dignity of the Army and exchanging its weapons with Iranian weapons.

Dear son-in-law, what rights are you standing up for, while the Lebanese people are living under extreme poverty lines, and their country is running out of medications, bread, fuel and countless other basic commodities.

Dear son-in-law, what rights are you standing up for, while the Lebanese population are without light, electricity and water, after being riddled with corruption.

You said that you will do your best not to take Lebanon 30 years back, but hey, you have already taken credit for taking Lebanon back to the Stone Age and oil lamps since the day you took office in the Ministry of Energy that you have exhausted until it lacked energy. You turned a blind eye to the bankruptcy of the state, and wasted more than 40 billion dollars, in vain.

Hey, dear son-in-low, you are a far cry from standing up for the rights of Christians. Rather. You usurped their rights in the interest of “Aounists”, while not a single Christian leader is your ally, and all of that, for the sake of Hezbollah’s interests and its Iranian troops.

You are accusing Lebanon’s Prime Minister-designate Saad Al-Hariri , of corruption, however, once you get your part from the government, Al-Hariri becomes a major partner with whom you share your interests with.

You claim that you are not willing to own parts in the government, but in return, you hinder the formation of a new government. You claim that you’re not creating obstacles nor demanding the blocking third, however, you impose your own number of ministers under the pretext of the Presidency’s right and part.

Tell us, dear son-in-law, what rights are you standing up for while you’re disagreeing with “Al Marada”, the Lebanese Forces, Kataeb and all the independent Christians?


  • Sawt Beirut International