| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Three defense ministers were named by Bassil, why haven’t they stopped smuggling?

Some of what a Lebanese citizen is reading nowadays, is truly astonishing. And what’s so astonishing about it, are those who are trying to fool him, by their stupid attempts of outsmarting him. As a sample, let’s read this:
The Strong Lebanon Bloc, and after its meeting yesterday, headed by Representative Gebran Bassil, issued an immense and dangerous statement- qualified to be considered as a case- regarding smuggling. It stated: “Smuggling operations are scandalous and are carried out by well-known people, among whom, well known figures, and some of them are in the political and security fields., And it is been carried out through known crossings , which is leading to the wasting of public money and Lebanon’s reserves of hard currencies.”

This is what was mentioned in yesterday’s statement, and Bassil, head of the bloc, reiterated his confirmation regarding its content. So, he said during the parliamentary session: “Above all, we have to address the smuggling issue, for those involved are representatives, politicians and security officials.”

Now wait a minute, the one saying those words is the head of a political party, where three consecutive defense ministers belonged to it.
Minister Yaqoub Al-Sarraf, who was one of Bassil’s aides, then Elias Bou Saab, one of Bassil’s advisors and a member of the Strong Lebanon bloc, and Minister Zina Aker, who was chosen by Basil for the defense portfolio. So, whom is Bassil complain about? Is he complaining about the relevant ministers whom he has chosen himself since this era’s first government i.e. since December 2016? How can he be complaining about smuggling, if it was him who named those three as defense ministers, and they are the ones responsible -in accordance to whom he referred to as “security leaders”- for smuggling?

Former Beqaa intelligence official, Brigadier Ali Awarka, could be the one meant by Basil’s accusations, but Awarka was appointed as head of Bekaa intelligence in 2016, during those three defense ministers affiliated with Bassil’ era, so why they have not taken any procedure against him?

What is said about Awarka, is also said about the former North Intelligence official, Brigadier Karam Murad, so why those consecutive affiliated to bassil defense ministers did not take any procedure against “the security leaders”?

What Bassil has said deserves to be considered as a case, but not only against the “security leaders”, but against the ministers of the sovereign portfolios whom he has named as well. So, will he file such a case? Or this is nothing more than some media consumption material?