| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

What does Bahaa Hariri want?

The question that arises: Why Bahaa Hariri doesn’t have the right to obtain what he wants? Why should the question even be asked?

He has been Lebanese for more than ten years (as indicated in the individual extract of civil status).

He has not been sentenced (as stated in the criminal record).

He pays all duties and taxes, that means he performs all his duties.

Based on all of the above, doesn’t he have all the civil and political rights? Why every time Bahaa Hariri tweets, takes an initiative, makes a statement, or makes a speech, a question arises: What does Baha Hariri want?

Bahaa Hariri wants to be a Lebanese citizen who abides to the law, is this his fault?

Baha Hariri has the right, if he wants, to enter the political fray, is this a defect?

Baha Hariri provides humanitarian aids and donations across all regions and for all sects. Is this a defect?

Baha Hariri was not directly or indirectly involved in any act that violates the law, and he did not stand behind any armed group and did not finance any armed group. Is this a defect?

Baha Hariri’s fault, is in his presence and his progress, and not in him personally, according to some people who are affected by his presence.

His presence is sparking terror to his close and far people. This is creating a problem for these people and not for him, because they are not able to imitate him, nor do they want to do like him. So what are they doing? They criticize, analyze, and distort, and in the background of their thinking: “Where did you come from, man? Why did you come? We were outside the circle of competition, so what we do is “the right thing,” but you entered the fray and you exposed us.”

We hasten to say: those who criticize him insist on asking for his phone number and wish that he would answer their calls, and if he did not do so, or was late, they ask for a mediator and this is what some of them were doing with the martyr Prime Minister Rafic Hariri.

They compare and blame the competition, but wait, did they read about the political life in Lebanon in modern history?

Among the Chamoun family, the two sons of President Chamoun, Dory and Danny, were involved in political work.

Among Kataeb, the two presidents, Amin and Bashir Gemayel.

Among National Bloc: Raymond Edde and Pierre Edde

Among the Arslans: Faisal and Talal Arslan.

Among Marada: Tony and Robert Frangieh.

Among the Karami family: Rashid and Omar Karami.

Based on the above, In competitions the last word was always for people and public opinion, which knows where to put the “yes” and where to put the “no”.

People’s memory seldom stumbles. Some of the criticisms are artificial, such as: “They wanted to insult the apple, so they described it as a red-cheeked.”

They described Baha Hariri that he is investing in people, employing more than a thousand Lebanese in the media and in his media institutions.

They described him that he is supporting sports and cultural activities.

They said that he is supporting healthcare and hospital institutions.

What does Bahaa Hariri want?

He is granting and not being granted so what is his fault?

It is worth noting that Bahaa Hariri “works on the line of Lebanese expatriates” and not on the line of “Lebanon – expatriates”, in other words, he is working to establish the Lebanese in their homeland because he knows what immigration means.

It is noteworthy that Rafik Hariri invested in the Lebanese people from 1982 until 1992, and he was neither a deputy, nor a minister, nor a prime minister.

Baha Hariri’s political and humanitarian movement is huge, so was the decision taken to fully engage in the political game?

He solely has this answer, and as many believe he will not be late in answering.

Bahaa Hariri delves into the smallest details, but he does not sink in it.

He has one target, and his strategy can be counted on the fingers of one hand: “Recovering” Rafik Hariri’s path and completing it.

  • Sawt Beirut International