| 5 February 2023, Sunday |

A judiciary under the shadow of a statelet

As if it is the Lebanese are destined to live in the shadow of a statelet, and not a responsible state towards its people. Rather, it kills its people, and the best evidence, is the port crime, which represents one of the largest mass massacres that have afflicted the country ever. As for the relevant and constant posed question, “Why does Hezbollah threaten the investigating judge, Tariq Bitar, Although he is performing his judicial duty according to judicial protocols?
It is well known that Hezbollah is not satisfied with Judge Bitar’s performance, and this was explicitly stated in Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah’s speeches, who in turn spoke of discretion in Judge Bitar’s allegations against former deputies and ministers, calling for full disclosure of the investigation’s results, without caring about the investigation technique, and the independence of the judiciary, as if the green light was his magic wand, in dismissing judges and appointing others, considering himself the only guide for the Supreme Council of Judges, and as if there was no accountability or control over retribution for anyone else.
And the main problem posed is, is there really a watchdog and accountability on the judiciary’s path other than Nasrallah? The answer that presents itself here, varies from the basic slogan that presides over every session, which is “justice is the base,” rather, it is limited and attributed to “justice is up to the owner,” and the only owner of this country is the Iranian tumor that is spreading in the rest of the country. As for what is happening with Judge Bitar, this indicates the crystallization of the state’s disintegration, and a complete lack of respect for the independence of the judiciary. Politicians in Lebanon do not want to be held accountable, and what Bitar is doing, is a comprehensive and clear summons to all political and security officials, who received correspondence or documents proving their knowledge of ammonium nitrate’s presence, and its entry into Ward No. 12 and this is legally agreed upon. Politicians or whoever is accused of this massacre, are required to submit to the law and cooperate with the judiciary, because we are supposed to be a people and responsible under the roof of the law!
Fadi Sawan, who was dismissed on charges of legitimate suspicion, and Tariq Bitar, who was threatened by Wafiq Safa – the head of the coordination and liaison unit of the Hezbollah militia – both reached in his investigations to summon political officials, including a prime minister and ministers, to the investigation, based legally on serious and exclusive data in the port file, and this What prompted the accused and the partisan and sectarian parties supporting them, to launch campaigns against the investigation, destabilizing its track and its independence, which calls for a decisive and serious stance from the judicial authorities.
In short, the judiciary should be safe from threats and intimidation. There is no trust in the Lebanese judiciary in general, because it is still at the mercy of politicization in favor of the most powerful party in Lebanon, and the people must take a quick position, because the repercussions of this matter go beyond the explosion of the port of Beirut, to reach the control on the joints of the entire state.