| 1 March 2024, Friday |

An electoral political horizon.. “Birds of a feather”

Admittedly, any conciliatory relationship between two parties, does not serve the state, nor does it allow its construction or even its continuity. The best evidence is that “Lebanon” has reached beyond “Hell” during the era of “father of all,” Michel Aoun, and “Hezbollah” can never be excluded from its responsibility in bringing matters to a collapse, as well as continuing to obstruct the path sought by a country mired in crises. And thus, on which elections are you counting?

Just as interpreting water with water – MP Muhammad Raad, head of the “Loyalty and Resistance” bloc, concluded his speech addressing the issue of parliamentary elections, by expressing Hezbollah’s premeditated seizure of parliamentary seats, which foreshadows the failure of the latter’s progress, wondering about the political horizon for this elections, as if the “popular entitlement called “elections” will change something, in light of a statelet that is balantly ruling a state.

It is worth noting that the rhetorical “electoral” degeneration of the resistance still using the same scenario, which contains “popular exclusivity under the banner of the Israeli occupation – as if the resistance play has the same previous effect on the people – and the cosmic conspiracy embroidered to end this militia and the Israeli occupation as “normalization”, is the master of the situation.

What is remarkable about Raad’s useless talk is the multiplicity of recent “questions” about the political horizon for the upcoming parliamentary elections. As for the answer, it is only one, a well-known ideology that bears the stigma of an Iranian militia that completely controls the state. As for the elections, they are nothing but charades that Hezbollah seizes to save face.

The crisis in Lebanon is clear, and the results of the upcoming elections are inevitable and more clear. The model of the political horizon is well known, similar to the flimsy rhetoric and false statements made by the Hezbollah militia. To review these facts, here is a summary

First, Hezbollah does not view living matters as basic economic and social rights for all people, but rather as social services that it provides to its audience, far from rights, to consolidate its influence and people’s loyalty, through this clientelistic pattern, especially in the economic crisis people are living, regardless of the sect, and this is what portends the failure of the economic recovery plan, as nepotism is at the top of this militia’s approach.

Lebanon will not rise as long as there is a terrorist party that is tampering with the fate of an entire people, starting with its assassination approach to its encroachment on the sovereignty of Arab countries through its militia behavior, and its treason against anyone who tries to save Lebanon and the Lebanese from the hands of foreign agendas, that mortgages the future of the Lebanese people. Far from conducting fair elections and achieving meaningful political prospects.

According to what was mentioned, the Lebanese are living on the tide’s impact, in the shadow of a republic under the auspices of Khomeini’s soldier, “Nasrallah.” Lebanon, which lacks all the elements of the state, does not have full sovereignty, and lacks the standards of recovery in the face of an economic collapse. Lebanese people openly, want legal weapons limited to the state, so that the word in their country, is for the people only. As for the Iranian model, it will not accept the rise of the state, so the question previously posed remains under burial, and the electoral plays represented by members of the Iranian arm are nothing but burnt”films” that capture the stoned minds and supporters of Iran in the region.

A scenario, that is neither old nor new to the Lebanese people, a dedication to the establishment of a statelet’s reality, at the expense of the state, whose constitutional component is the permissibility of killing, looting, corruption, sabotage, bombing and assassinations without being counted. So congratulations to this political elite, in this occupied country, with its crises, tragedies, wars and occupations, with its political horizon centered on the forms of Muhammad Raad and others. And perhaps we might be saved in other countries, as Lebanese people enjoying their democratic rights, the least of which are fair parliamentary elections.

  • Sawt Beirut International