| 1 October 2022, Saturday |

Crime has a title..Iranian Hezbollah

Some “hypocrite” accuses the Lebanese people of ambitions for normalization with an enemy state, while he is the first “normalizer” with a country most hostile to Lebanon, which is Iran, the undisputed kings of terrorism in the arts of assassinations, smuggling and absurd wars. So, don’t accuse others of your flaws, you are really rude.

During a political press interview, Hezbollah Deputy Secretary-General Naim Qassem confirmed that “there is an organized international, regional and local campaign against the party, not against its resistance, but against the origin of its presence in political life, among the people, and the cultural presence of the party. He followed up with a message to “advocates of openness to Israel and normalization with it,” that they, as Hezbollah, will not accept normalization, even if it leads to bloodshed.

Whoever listens to Qassem’s words thinks that Hezbollah, with its cadres, officials and organizers, are absolutely loyal to Lebanese sovereignty and its constitutional institutions, but whoever takes a close look knows that this militia wants to build a state according to its size, “den of terrorism and criminality.” The Iranian Hezbollah project, gentlemen, is absolutely hostile to the sovereign logic and the restriction of arms to the Lebanese army, where its absolute loyalty is to Iran and to its terrorism in the Arab region!

Iran did not interfere an Arab country without destroying it and causing crime, assassination and sabotage, either directly or through its agents,Everyone is terrified by a strong and prosperous Arab world. Everyone is terrified by a strong and prosperous Arab world. After they planted the Israeli entity on its borders, they returned and planted Khomeinist Iran on its east. This is why we conclude that the Khomeinist revolution and the Zionist enemy are two sides of the same coin.
“Everyone can see the terrorism of the Iranian influence.”

Hezbollah has built its past and present history on crime, murder and assassinations, and the adjective of terrorism is associated with it, starting from Lebanon to the international community in general, “they are the abolitionists.” Whoever practices the hobby of liquidating his opponents, from the martyr Rafik Hariri to the martyr Luqman Salim is a “serial killer,” and a terrorist, who definitely does not represent a Lebanese component, in short, it is implementing an Iranian project that has nothing to do with Lebanon and the interest of its people. As for the myth of “fighting Israel,” the latter ended in Syria and Yemen, and on the “Ring” bridge in the capital Beirut, and in the events of Tayouneh and Khaldeh.., Hezbollah’s influence is based on intimidation, from May 7 to the black shirts, to October 17 to the threat of civil war and finally the threat of 100,000 fighters that Hassan Nasrallah talked about.

“Let us not forget the calls for bloodshed, treason and cosmic conspiracy.”

Naim Qassem set things right; The battle is actually between a project represented by him and his party, based on terrorism, corruption, employment and submission to a corrupt, terrorist axis that destroyed Lebanon, and the project of Lebanese citizenship, that calls for the establishment of a strong and prosperous state worthy of the human being and his right to a decent life, away from absurd wars, terrorism, and uncontrolled and illegal weapons.

The Nitrate Party is working with Iran to confront the Lebanese people to sabotage the country, as is the case now. So,what culture of an armed party that Qassem is talking about? In fact, no one knows, Hezbollah has erased Lebanon’s wealth of knowledge, culture and free thought, and is trying to eliminate its national identity.

It is a school indeed, but of occupation, criminality, assassination, raising corrupt people, employment, patriotism, and resistance, Mawlana.

Lebanon is in direct confrontation with the Arab countries opposing the Iranian regime, and this has never happened before in the country’s history since its establishment. Iran’s project, besides being an abolition of identity and history, led to the loss of one of the country’s pillars in times of hardship, and exposed the interests of the Lebanese who rely on exporting to their Arab brothers, so, what patriotism and citizenship culture are you speaking about Maulana?

No judiciary in the country, nor presidency, nor Council of Ministers, nor Parliament, although all of them are Lebanese national sovereign institutions according to the constitution, but the Iranian party nullified their actual effect and stripped them of their powers by intimidation, enticement, threats and betrayal, and they became a body without a soul, so where is the political culture that you declared Maulana?

You are a school, but an arbitrary school of creed. You have permited for your students everything that is forbidden as long as it helps to achieve your goals. Drugs, smuggling, thefts, kidnappings, murder, all under the name of the “lunatic” Faqih.

You are hiding under the banner of “God.” But as for your beliefs, it has annuled the national duty.

Frankly, we reject your alleged resistance that has expired since May 25, 2000, and you are the one who put Lebanon in a state of surrender and subordination for the interest of Iran, in harmony with Israel and ISIS. Not only the international community, nor the “conspiracy” alone which refuse and scream to end the existence of the party, This is the first demand of the authentic Lebanese citizen as well. So, Understand it.

  • Sawt Beirut International