| 16 April 2024, Tuesday |

Iranian militia with “Lebanese” members

He is the Islamic Revolution’s representative in Lebanon, and his first reference is “the Iranian Guardian Jurist,” to whom he owes devotion and obedience. The terrorist Hezbollah admitted and continues to confess its complete participation to the Khomeinist revolution, imposing a de facto policy in Lebanon by the use of force, claiming that its mission is directed against the Zionist adversary. It is Israel’s violations of Lebanese airspace without this weapon achieving anything, and in light of the humiliating blows it suffers in Syria, reasoning raises various doubts regarding the weapon’s practicality, and against whom is it directed?

Since its inception in 1985, the Hezbollah militia, which is linked to the regime of the Wilayat al-Faqih in Iran, has worked to control the Lebanese domestic issues before its terrorist acts spread to most Arab countries to serve the Persian project based on spreading chaos in the Arab region to implement Tehran’s hateful expansionist agendas, resulting in the state’s weakening, resulting in Lebanon’s full isolation from its Arab neighbors.

Hezbollah split eastward to Syria, leaving Iraq and passing through Yemen in a systematic battle over the Arab countries and the Arabian Gulf, using the slogan of fighting Israel as a hanger with which to cover its militias whenever one of them points the finger of accusation at his terrorism and his expansionist plan, indicating that it serves the “Zionist enemy” on one wave. The Zionist-Iranian objective is clear: “weakening and spreading the Arab countries with the intention of occupation.” The alleged enemy is located on Lebanon’s southern borders and is not waiting in the east for “a wage and a text,” but it appears that the “scenario” of liberating Al-Quds is not among the priorities of the Iranian agenda, but rather a slogan to gather crowds and obscure its extremist intrusive goal.

Is there a suspicious overlap of interests between Hezbollah’s Iranian armaments and the putative Israeli adversary?

The illegal arms, exported and financed by Iran, have replaced the Iranian tutelage with the Israeli occupation, which led to the realization of the “Zionist goal,” which Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah does not hide in talking about fighting it on every occasion that calls for the latter to “monopolize” the people, especially the Shiite parties.

Lebanon and its people did not sign a peace treaty with Israel’s adversary, but they also did not decide to conduct a war against the Zionist state and abide by the armistice and neutrality, as its very survival is at danger, and catastrophic collapse is a reality. As for Hezbollah, it is only concerned with Iranian interests, and thus the “anti-normalization” initiative remains the last card used by the Iranian militia to tighten nerves, and the policy of intimidation and enticement is based on the fact that it is the master of every situation that the entire Lebanese people has gone through.

In his final address, Hassan Nasrallah, the media mogul of the terrorist “Khomeini revolution,” emphasized that it was the resistance, including Hezbollah, scarified everything for the sake of the “Lebanon’s identity” that almost disintegrated in 1982, emphasizing that “the resistance groups in the area have their own.”

The Lebanese reality, which is floundering in its financial collapse and external crises, was not lacking, except for Hassan Nasrallah to brag about Iranian missiles and military barricades inside Lebanon in a way that exacerbates Lebanese tragedies and hatred for the bride “Beirut,” the city that was widowed over a piece of paper in the hands of the Wilayat al-Faqih.

Arms and tourist boycott, US sanctions, political isolation, smuggling and disruption, the ludicrous July war, illegal crossings, assassinations, money laundering, drug trafficking, and human trafficking are worse than corruption: “Nasrallah,” the demon alliance’s sponsor.

  • Sawt Beirut International