| 14 August 2022, Sunday |

Let’s liberate legitimacy in our country

We cannot blame Wilayat al-Faqih supporter who has lost consciousness and patriotism, and who fully believes in Wali’s project and his mandate.

After the country and the people has reached a stifling level of oppression, humiliation, where their savings were stolen, and have been killed physically and morally by starvation, it is not weird, that there is a “one day of anger” – inevitably ideological – instead of anger continuing until this corrupt system is defeated and trialed?

Amid the Iranian occupation that destroyed Lebanon with its tools, we don’t need a colored “revolution” as much as we need an explicit national “resistance” in the face of this emerging occupation. As for the victim, only God can know whether it is the authority or the people.

The questions that arise in this context are many, and the most prominent problem is citizen’s ability to “coexist” with the crisis of multiple exchange rates, and how long will we wait for absurd financial solutions. What about the price of a can of gasoline, and is the citizen’s life now limited to eating in order to survive? What awaits us tomorrow?

As for the cause of these problems, there are several hypotheses, and I neither mean the cosmic conspiracy against the people, nor the embassies. The Lebanese people took to the streets calling for the departure of political leaders and governments, and demanded institutional work to abolish the policy of sectarian exclusion and not allow Iran to dominate the political decision. They also requested the consolidation of a non-sectarian political system and the abolition of militias, and that the arms be under the authority of the state. Then the ruling authority came down with the same demands, which is funny and desperate at the same time, “Who revolts against whom?”, no one knows.

The allies of the strong president “Aoun” obstruct the government and refrain from attending the cabinet, and his opponents refrain from attending the dialogue that he called for. Isn’t it more honorable for him to resign?!

There are many crises starting from the loaf to the dollar, fuel and medicine, to a basic dilemma that led to the birth of the catastrophic crises that the people and the country suffer from, but the cause is one which is a gang of “warlords and in conjunction with the Iranian militia” who occupied the highest ranks in power, and here the disaster preserved, the people and homeland were publicly sentenced to death.

While we suffer from a severe economic crisis with a decline in the volume of financial flows from abroad as a result of the policy of isolation followed by Hezbollah, a rise in the volume of public debt and a decline in the purchasing power of citizens due to the high prices and the high exchange rate of the dollar against the Lebanese pound, which surpassed 33,000 LBP a few days ago, as a result of Hezbollah’s state. Is there anyone to stop this, or is this definitely our destiny?

In brief, let us maintain our anger at the ballot boxes, and let them, authority and embassies get angry in their streets. Legitimacy alone can rule the states and is recognized by the international community. Yes, legitimacy is hijacked in our country, so let us liberate it and remove it from them.

  • Sawt Beirut International