| 3 October 2023, Tuesday |

Nothing uglier than treason, the only power of Hezbollah!

The state of Greater Lebanon is made up of “no” national components, some of whom were previously under Syrian intelligence’s control, and today they have pledged their allegiance to the “Iranian” party, which defends Iran’s sovereignty, citizens’ rights, and state at the expense of the Lebanese people and their land monopoly.

On the Lebanese side, the militia party faced several challenges, including the inquiry into the port attack, the Tayouneh situation, and the Gulf crisis, all while impeding their government in order to win political gains that benefited Iran first and foremost.

The Lebanese population are dreaming of a country, a judiciary, and an economy, but Hezbollah and its corrupt political system, which protects it from all sects, attacks the judiciary, reform, and state logic, isolating Lebanon from its Arab neighbors. Furthermore, the head of “plan” was not satisfied, but Nasrallah’s avarice was revealed in his farewell address, in which he and his advisers publicly proclaimed their takeover. On the state, where the catastrophic failure has escalated to insulting and rising discourse directed towards the Kingdom, increasing the injection of the Lebanon-Saudi Arabia relationship.

The Saudi and Gulf positions are obvious, whereas all Lebanese groups are engaged in an existential struggle to reconcile Saudi-Lebanese relations.

Hezbollah has proven its failure in the Lebanese internal politics. It is facing great popular resentment against it as a result of its policies and the failure of its deputies in development, governance and management of the Lebanese political and vital files. What is said and done have no influence on the setup and eruption of the crisis, which happens far faster than the eruption of the positions chosen and the event’s demise. The “denial” strategy cannot be continued by people and nations. The Khomeinist revolution has unavoidably grown into more than a burden, as it is a massive destructive project with far-reaching consequences.

Hassan, no alarming rhetoric will change the situation. It’s the ridiculousness of it all. As is customary, the succession of destruction perpetrated by your Iranian party against Lebanon is a speech that communicates nothing but anger and grief to its listeners. In Lebanon, there are terrorists.

Dear agent, do not talk about Arabism while you blaspheme loyalty to Iran, and do not use the resistance hanger against Israel while you are making deals with it, east and west. Whoever blows up his security by destroying his politics and his economy, you better stay silent, it’s time for it!

  • Sawt Beirut International