| 26 September 2022, Monday |

The Gulf initiative has fallen, evading truth will lead us to more tragedies

There is no clear answer yet about the authority’s readiness to deal with Hezbollah militia’s influence and its weapons in the country, especially that Gulf countries’ ability to withstand verbal adulation as a mean to evade diplomatic responsibilities towards the party’s involvement in Yemen war after Syria and Iraq without any accountability has perished.

How long will Lebanon remain a victim of its involvement in Iran’s futile wars?

The Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdallah Bou Habib responded to a question asked by the Kuwati media, about the party’s weapons, stressing that Lebanon should deal with “Hezbollah’s weapons” in a wise and prudent manner, which unfortunately paves the way for a new rift in diplomatic relations in the future.

Bou Habib praised the Lebanese demand, which is limited to the sovereignty of the state and keeping weapons in the hands of the army only, justifying the militia’s slip away by holding on to the “resistance”. He considered that the Israeli occupation forces Lebanon to resist, affirming that the country usually commits and implements its international obligations, arguing the way to deal with the issue of weapons “with deliberation and wisdom”, and evading from the truth to more tragedies.

Reducing Hezbollah’s political role and disarming it are two Lebanese demands before they come up as one of the provisions of the Kuwaiti initiative. Dealing with these two demands should not be restricted to the implementation of this bargain, but rather it is a national duty that the country should have adhered to and acted upon. Resisting the Israeli occupation is a duty confined to the Lebanese army and not to the Iranian militia, and dealing with Hezbollah’s weapons should not be conducted in a deliberate and wise manner, as Bou Habib mentioned, but rather firmly and insistently, because the issue exceeded the capacity of the nation and the citizen.

Your inability to solve this problem is represented by your inability to rule, from the top of the pyramid through its deputies and ministers to the bottom. This bullying and arrogance by Iran against the Lebanese people has reached an unacceptable level that the majority of people denounce, while most of you do not have dignity or patriotism that makes you reject this humiliation or even resisting it. The Gulf initiative, in its clauses, fixed the demands of the Lebanese in a document that reflects their vision of getting out of the crisis and returning Lebanon to its previous era of prosperity and stability.

The Lebanese answer came vague. While the Gulf initiative seeks to pull Lebanon from the bottom, the rulers remain allied with Hezbollah in the face of the Lebanese people, whose demands turned out to be parallel to the demands of the Arab Gulf, “dissolving an armed militia in the face of the people,” and “demolishing the joints of the statelet that governs the Lebanese state.”

The Lebanese response to the Arab paper was to form a committee, as our rulers have got used to fleeing with committees – as no man was left among them brave enough to make a decision. They are not only corrupted people, but a group of cowardly pawns as well.”

Iran’s party keeps Lebanon suspended between two parallel lines: the line of the state and its line, which will remain ahead of the state’s line. This increases distraction, because building a statelet within the state may lead others to take the same steps. This is an Iranian project that is not limited to Lebanon, but there are many victims.

Lebanon will not be the last on the list, but rather the starting point, so for how long?

  • Sawt Beirut International